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My friend Professor John McKnight from the Center for Urban Problems (Northwestern University) looks at all this with a thoughtful and critical eye. He says that more and more healthy people are calling sick in the name of 
treatment, care, help and love. But behind the service mask, he notes further, there are real employees who need a profit - doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug manufacturers, pharmacists and many others. Thus, says John, “not so 
much a client needs services, canada drugs but rather services in a client.”
The less confident the doctor is about his diagnosis or prescribed treatment, the more likely he is to throw off sheep's skin, as soon as you allow yourself to recklessly question his appointment. “Are you a doctor?” - he puts 
you in his place, to dodge questions that he, as he himself knows, cannot give a satisfactory answer. In most cases, this technique works.
The doctor rarely resorts to this trick. He does not have to do this, because most patients are too intimidated by his demeanor and diplomas to doubt the recommended treatment. But if he still asked this question - beware, as, 
most likely, he assigned you something very bad.
Modern Medicine in many ways feeds its power due to the trustful and almost reverent attitude of most Americans to doctors - to all doctors. Roger J. Kennedy, director of the Smithsonian Technological Museum, might mean doctors 
when he said that "power is a place where conceit is imperceptibly generated." Power based on respectful attitude, mostly undeserved, best online pharmacy no prescription is the rock on which the Cathedral of Modern Medicine rests. The aura of omnipotence, which 
surrounded the medical establishment, does not give you the opportunity to closely examine your doctor and see that he is standing on clay feet.
In order not to please the mouth of Modern Medicine, try to adjust yourself to such behavior, as if you were in some dangerous sect. Throw the image of a kind, educated, caring and trustworthy doctor out of your mind and take a 
fresh look at it. You will see that this is not the real Robert Young [7], although he can play this role well, because in medical schools doctors are more taught to play their role well than to take care of your health.
For eight to ten years of medical education, doctors are taught how to make people believe that they are gods. And after several years of practicing us online pharmacy no prescription rule over life and death, they themselves begin to believe in it. Most doctors 
deny it, but from time to time, one of them manages to spill it out. In 1968, Dr. Russell K. Scott said in his book under the strange heading “The World of Gynecologist” about doctors specializing in female diseases:
The first of these, the reason that prevails in all of Modern Medicine, is devotion to medical intervention and the desire to try every new medicine. The second is unlimited ignorance in the field of drug action, a subject that 
has received little attention in medical faculties. The third is an economic incentive for prescribing drugs, especially in group medical practices that have their own buy meds canada pharmacies and receive direct income from their own 
prescriptions. And finally, most doctors do not have the time and desire to study the physiological causes of complaints from their patients or become sympathetic, compassionate counselors that patients so need. It seems easier 
and more profitable for doctors to sift women out of their offices by giving them a prescription for pills. As a result of this attitude, two of the three visits to the doctors end with issuing a prescription. Doctors write 
them out to complete the reception, so as not to deal with the problems of patients. The patient leaves with the same problem as she came, and in addition with the prescription, but it can cause new problems that will lead her 
back to the doctor's office. The tendency of doctors to distribute medicines for any reason does not surprise me, because this is one of the lessons that was taught to me at the medical faculty. When I was studying in the 
residency, one famous pediatrician, Ph.D., told me that you should never let the patient out of the office without some paper. It should be, if not a recipe, then some kind of diet for her child or some other purpose, but - 
necessarily. Of course, many patients are sure that there are medicines for any illness, but only because it was inspired by the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Drug retail brings more money than comfort and good advice. 
However, when doctors are accused of over-medicalizing patients, the typical answer would be: “They themselves wanted it.”